Columbia County Mental Health - 5188289446. Crisis lines abuse people calling in mistreat them argue with them

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There is so much wrong with the twisted world today. People are deranged. I called a crisis line at this number 5188289446. I called because I was in crisis and needed to talk to someone. The psyxho woman talking to me said she can't talk to me and I don't sound like I'm

In crisis. This horrible

Bltch then began arguing with me. Rather than just talking to me. She is a horrible

Evil person that needs to be fired and beaten. Those who abuse people calling into a crisis line are people of Satan for sure for abusing those who are vulnerable and taking advantage of them. This crazy woman just wanted to fight and abuse me. These people are terrible

I spoke with the director abt the abuse I received by this sick woman who was working there 11/17 and the supervisor didn't care. These are bad people and this isn't a crisis line it's a line full of dishonest disgusting abusers who mistreat others.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.



I had a bad experience as well. Good to know I wasnt the only one tat feels this way.

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